Emily’s Corner

Brien completed a site survey of your kitchen last week. What’s next?

He’ll summarize his notes and survey results, and then create a sketch of your kitchen’s layout and desired enhancements. This takes a few days. Then, Brien will discuss your project with Emily Austin, our in-house design coordinator. Emily will use Brien’s report and drawing to create your proposal for a Courtyard kitchen.  

This typically takes a few weeks.

Emily will create Courtyard’s proposal for your custom dream kitchen and work with you to ensure you are completely satisfied. She will be your primary contact for the entire process and project.

Emily is an outstanding communicator, no surprise because she is a former school teacher. She has a real passion for kitchen design that is contagious. She’ll be as excited about helping you design your custom dream kitchen as you are.

Brien says that Emily knows our process better than anyone, that’s why she coordinates all facets of each project.   

Your Showroom Consultation may take a few hours or require additional meetings to review changes, discuss alternatives, and finalize plans. It all starts with Emily reviewing the proposal with you. She will make corrections per your direction and then summarize them in writing after your meeting.

It’s not unusual to revise the project design and plans more than once after a second meeting with Emily.  This is a key phase of our process, that’s why we take the extra time to make sure you are absolutely happy.

When you’re happy with the proposed plan, we’ll schedule Brien’s second onsite visit to check measurements and finalize labor costs.

We’ll go to contract after you’ve finished the final selection process. Then we’ll schedule the project, starting with ordering the cabinets. Our schedule will include an estimated timetable for the start and completion of each part of your job.

The run-up from Brien’s site survey and meeting with you until we order cabinets and schedule the job can take a few months, however each job is unique.

So, what’s in Emily’s Corner? Expertise, insight, professionalism, friendliness, and a skill-set honed from helping hundreds of families acquire their custom dream kitchens.